About Tabriz laserart

About Tabriz laserart, cutting, metal doors, metal railings

About Tabriz laser art

Tabriz Laser Art

Thanks to the presence of His Excellency, we were able to establish the company with the most experienced, specialized and experienced experts in the field of technology and experience in various fields.
Laser Art Tabriz, a leading laser cutting machine in the field of laser cutting, is equipped with the most advanced laser cutting machine in your service to provide you with the best work experience in the field.
Laser Art Tabriz in possession of the most modern and most powerful cutting laser, the largest service center for laser cutting of metal, in the North West is the ability to collaborate with companies operating in this area is able to Mass market in this market to meet the needs of its customers. This collection of high quality needs of customers and providing quality and quality products from the most experienced engineers and technical experts has been implemented for many years and this possibility has been provided to this possibility. Opinion Do not have children.About Tabriz laserart, cutting, metal doors, metal railings

HistoryAbout Tabriz laserart, cutting, metal doors, metal railings

Mehr Sahand Factories Group started its activities as the first core of this complex in East Azarbaijan province with the start of Mehr Sahand Steel Company in 2008 and with a production capacity of 320,000 tons of various types of pipes and steel profiles per year.
After that, with careful planning of management and use of high engineering power and experienced staff and increase of subsidiary factories including 7 steel complexes of Mehr Sahand, Sahand Azarin foundry industries, Persian Gulf rolling mills, Rasa Sepehr transportation, Vir production and research group , Azerbaijan Steel Carrier and Tabriz Art Laser, using its mechanized production lines in all complexes and production with high efficiency and capacity, as well as exports to more than 20 countries, proudly produce their products with quality and in accordance with international standards. Offers to markets inside and outside the country.About Tabriz laserart, cutting, metal doors, metal railings

سخن مدیر

سرعت در انجام کار، تمیزی و کیفیت، دقت بسیار بالا، عدم تاب برداشتن ورقه های فلزی در هنگام برش ،از جمله ی مهمترین  فاکتور هایی است که مشتریان را ترغیب به استفاده از خدمات برشی شرکت لیزر آرت تبریز نموده است.عدم ایجاد تغییرات گرمایی در محصولات نهایی، سرعت بالا در تحویل اجناس و قطعات برشی،وجود نرم افزار های سازگار با فایل های تحویلی از مشتریان  در بخش مهندسی جهت اکسپورت مناسب، برش نقوش پیچیده و امکان طراحی و اجرای شکل های با تناسبات هندسی نامشخص،عدم تماس فیزیکی با قطعت برش خورده و نبود لبه های له شده در اجناس تحویلی، دقت بالای کار در هنگام برش،نمونه سازی قبل از اجرای برش و دادن دیدی بصری مناسب به مشتری و عدم نیاز به قالب سازی و هزینه های هنگفت آن نیز اعتماد  مشتریان ما را بیش از پیش به خدمات لیزر آرت تبریز مطمئن ساخته است.رشد و تعالي نيروي انساني به عنوان سرمايه واقعي ، جلب رضايت و تکريم مشتريان به عنوان ولي نعمتان اصلي و هم چنين مسئوليت پذيري در قبال جامعه چهار چوب حرکت فولاد مهر سهند مي باشد .

عبدالحسین مجلل امامی


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